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Espoo, Finland’s second biggest city, might be a confusing place for someone who doesn’t know it. It for example doesn’t have a real center and it is strongly divided into two parts. A map doesn’t mean much to someone who just glances it – you don’t know which places are important, where the bus routes go, where the main crossing places and services are etc.

So I basically removed almost everything from the map and left a few of the biggest places there. Anybody can then navigate in Espoo since then they can be explained where smaller places are in relation to these main “villages” or landmarks.

Espoo sits on the southern coast of Finland, right next to Helsinki, on its west side. It is a wide peninsula, so there’s water on both sides that make most of Espoo’s east and west border. There’s only sea to the south of Espoo.

Most of the north side areas are near the Rantarata railroad that goes across Espoo in the east-west direction, the biggest centers being Leppävaara and Espoon Keskus.

On the south side, the areas are alongisde the Länsiväylä freeway. Tapiola is the most important.

The south and north are connected mainly by Kehä 1, the nearest ring way of the Helsinki-Espoo-Vantaa capital area. It goes near both Leppävaara and Tapiola as you can see from the map, so that makes them important crossing points.

There are other roads and freeways and minor centers but this is a very rough overview that one could perhaps even remember and should cover maybe 70% of the population of Espoo. There’s much more stuff to the north that is completely left out too since it’s mostly somewhat sparsely populated. Let me know if this was of any use to you. 🙂

West from Tapiola are in rough order: Westend, Haukilahti, Olari, Matinkylä, Suomenoja, Soukka and Kivenlahti. West from Leppävaara are Kilo and Espoon Keskus.

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Some pics from some guys who travelled to here from midwest  Finland. It doesn’t look that glamorous since the weather is cloudy. At least a proper winter this year (last winter there was practically no ice at all.) Some of the pics are from Espoo too (the neighbouring city where I currently live).
The snow kinda enhances the colors of those old houses. Modern architecture is often quite ugly compared to those pleasant roughly mid 1900:s plastered brick buildings – that are all slightly different.

You can also see some coal plants which have district heating coupled to electricity generation.

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Yes, it was that time of the year over a week ago, 6th of december. I had a post coming up but it still isn’t ready even if it’s not big or anything. But I’m doing this instead.

16 years back was the 75th anniversary year of Finland. Don’t remember 1992 being so awesome, but it must have been even better being there (I wasn’t, I was quite young still back then, and would likely not have understood the musical genius).

There was depression and vast scale unemployment in the nineties. Self confidence of the whole nation was low. Yet there were these three guys just doing their thing. Like Sami Kuoppamäki says in the video, it’s a great country and we should believe in ourselves. They did. Does it matter that they are not internationally known or promoted by massive record companies? It is certain that many of those who have gotten to know them, have fallen in love. There are special sensations, some kind of shivers that they make happen in people. All can not be shown by words, and that is why music has been invented.

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