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The state of the auto industry is quite sad. Take a look at these electric vehicles from Chrysler.

You won’t get far by picking a stupendously inefficient vehicle architecture (A SUV, Jeep or a big sports car) and sticking it full of batteries. Completely traditional construction.

What the heck are they thinking? Or are they thinking at all? Sigh. I guess they want to just use existing production lines.

It seems completely new companies will have to enter the market to get something reasonable, a sensible complete system that is optimized as a whole.

This reminds me of how the first jet engines were put on front piston engined fighters, resulting in something like this:

Yak-15 from Yak.ru

Yak-15 from Yak.ru

Needless to say, completely new craft were quickly designed that had vastly superior performance. Those companies and designers who could not make the paradigm change, were left at the wayside.

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