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Modern manufacturing technologies enable strange shapes and could produce unconventional pumps. What is good for small scale rockets if turbines and centrifugal pumps have too much tip losses?

Rotary engines have vastly better power to weight ratios and vibrate less than piston engines. They’re also expensive and hard to build (cue modern manufacturing again). Here is one demonstrated in a paramotor, Parajet Cyclone using a Rotron engine. Love the music.

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Some pics from some guys who travelled to here from midwest  Finland. It doesn’t look that glamorous since the weather is cloudy. At least a proper winter this year (last winter there was practically no ice at all.) Some of the pics are from Espoo too (the neighbouring city where I currently live).
The snow kinda enhances the colors of those old houses. Modern architecture is often quite ugly compared to those pleasant roughly mid 1900:s plastered brick buildings – that are all slightly different.

You can also see some coal plants which have district heating coupled to electricity generation.

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