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Tim Lambert exposes another one of Tim Blair’s articles. How can Blair be one of Australia’s top bloggers (in terms of traffic)? Just read some comments at Blair’s – they’re horrible excercises in outrage based on completely false information. The article ultimately linked to that’s supposed to be the source of all this knowledge doesn’t support their points – it opposes them diametrically.

The sun has always been recognized a factor in Earth’s climate, but it is only a minor factor in recent 20-30 year changes. It is factored in the climate models that are shown in the IPCC reports. This article that supposedly started this furor continues in the exactly same line.

And then these people are voting, based on this information they get from the media, like Blair. This can not result in anything but regression.

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This is what many people should grasp what renewables and nuclear are about. The real electricity world operates with an energy mix. In many places there is open electricity trading, and if you introduce new sources to the marketplace, it affects the buying of other sources. So if you have lots of coal and gas, introducing wind power, even when the wind doesn’t blow constantly, can reduce the usage of the coal and gas power.

So here is a rough sketch how fossil fuels might be eliminated gradually in some mythical place with lots of solar and hydro power. This is not an accurate description of reality, more of a demonstration of principle. Now I’m really in a hurry and have to go, I probably don’t have time to review things for a few days, so can’t respond immediately to comments.




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